Liverpool fail to blunt Blades (sorry)

The new season is under way and it has started in the same way as the last two for Liverpool… with a disappointing draw. Over the last couple of weeks optimism has been growing among Liverpool fans that this could finally be the year that they regain the title last won in 1990. The optimism was further fuelled by a solid win over Chelsea in the Community Shield. The addition of wingers Mark Gonzalez and Jermaine Pennant promised a Liverpool team with more width and pace than any during the last 10 years. With this in mind I was baffled that neither of them started against Sheffield United. The commentator informed me that Rafa Benitez probably has one eye on the Champions League in mid-week.. oh no..

It wasn’t until Rob Hulse’s goal in the first minute of the second half that Liverpool started to play with any kind of intensity with Gerrard freed from his role on the right. Using the loss of Riise and Carragher to injury in the first half as an excuse for the poor marking for the goal is weak if Liverpool wish to be considered genuine title contenders this year.

On so on to the penalty.. well it wasn’t, was it? Of course, I was calling for it at the time but to say it was harsh is an understatement. Fowler slotted it away nicely to make up for missing Liverpool’s best chance of the first half. Liverpool failed to create any clear cut chances in the remaining minutes and will feel lucky to leave Sheffield with a point.

Of course, it would be ridiculous to write off Liverpool’s chances of winning the league after one game, but with Roman’s Billions, how many points can Liverpool really afford to drop?


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